Telemedicine & Other Opportunities from Abroad

Are you

  • struggling to find job opportunities that can be done while living abroad?
  • searching, emailing, waiting for responses just to be told the position can’t be done from abroad?
  • wondering if it’s possible or totally insane for a physician to live and work abroad?

We hear you! That’s why we’re sharing a list of opportunities you CAN do from abroad!

This resource will save you time and help you focus your energy on what is possible. 

This list includes telemedicine companies that allow you to work from abroad and those that don’t, non-clinical opportunities including utilization review, and unique in-person opportunities, which can be done while living abroad! This complements the available positions on our job board.

Here’s what you’ll get when you subscribe to the Telemedicine & Other Opportunities Abroad list: 

  •  39 telemedicine companies that allow you to work from abroad across many specialties including: Addiction, Dermatology, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Primary care, Psychiatry, Radiology and Urgent care. Some telemedicine companies listed also offer multispecialty opportunies, across many medical specialties (too many to list)!
  • 43 telemedicine companies that don’t allow you to work form abroad, enabling you to focus your outreach.
  • 3 non-clinical opportunities including utilization review
  • 3 unique in-person opportunities

This is a living and evolving resource. 

We’re constantly revising and adding to this resource and we welcome your crowd-sourced input to keep this list up-to-date! If you have any additions or updates, please contact us to keep this list current. Our hope is that this additional resource empowers you to start your own Hippocratic Adventure!

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What Fellow Adventurers Say

 Before purchasing this subscription, I didn’t even know where to start. This gave me ideas, and knowing there are options has motivated me to pursue things…It’s totally worth it!” 


“I had this crazy idea that I could do a side gig, something I’m truly passionate about and make it highly profitable over time. And be independent and be my own boss.

Fast forward to buying the resource list of Telemed platforms that allow work from abroad, communicating with Ashwini who was a wonderful motivator and now I’m on a telemedicine platform. I just started.. and it’s slow, but I’m happy. Start with a plan, use this resource list. It gave me a good starting point! It’s a really great list! Do it, it’s worth it. Invest in your future. 


 ““What I’ve found most helpful is the variety of options and tips in this resource that would be hard to find out about otherwise!” 



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