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Telemedicine & Other Opportunities From Abroad
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What is Telemedicine & Beyond?


This is a crowd-sourced list of  Telemedicine & Other Opportunities you CAN do from abroad! And it’s all in one place.

It includes telemedicine, non-clinical, pharma, and unique in-person opportunities and complements the available positions on our job board.

Whether you’ve been struggling to find job opportunities that can be done from abroad or are wondering if it’s even possible for a physician to live and work remotely from abroad, this resource will save you time and help you focus your energy on what is possible.

telemedicine from abroad

What Fellow Adventurers Say

“I signed up roughly a week ago. I used the available list and email template to contact 23 companies for telepsychiatry positions. I was surprised by how fast some of these companies responded. So far, I’ve had 5 email replies and 2 phone calls. I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of how telemedicine from abroad works, with malpractice, taxes, etc., but I feel hopeful!



I wanted to pass along some good news that I’m now signed up with a telemedicine company and am working from Austria…all thanks to the info here. So thank you for all the tips, I really appreciate it.



I’ve been working with a telemedicine company for several months now and it’s going great, and I’m in the process of interviewing or credentialing for 2 more positions.

I’m still living in the U.S., but we’re now taking the preliminary steps to move to Spain by the end of next year. Thanks for this amazing resource!”


 Before purchasing this subscription, I didn’t even know where to start. This gave me ideas, and knowing there are options has motivated me to pursue things…It’s totally worth it!” 


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What’s included?

Here’s what you’ll get when you subscribe to Telemedicine & Beyond.


46 telemedicine companies that allow you to work from abroad across many specialties including: Addiction, Dermatology, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Psychiatry, Radiology and Urgent Care. Some telemedicine companies listed also offer multispecialty opportunities across many medical specialties (too many to list)!


91 telemedicine companies that don’t allow you to work from abroad, enabling you to focus your outreach.


3 non-clinical opportunities including utilization review


2 pharmaceutical job opportunities 


8 unique in-person opportunities in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and for Global Health/Medical Missions.

You'll also get:


Strategies to get the most out of this resource including a swipe-and-copy outreach email template, an organized way to track your applications, and 10 must-ask interview questions.


Access to a private forum where you can ask other physician subscribers about their experience with particular organizations and share tips, insights, wins, and encouragement!


Access to an answer vault where we answer the most common questions about using this resource. 

This is a living and evolving resource. We’re constantly revising and adding to this resource and we welcome your crowd-sourced input to keep this list up-to-date!

What Fellow Adventurers Say

 “What I’ve found most helpful is the variety of options and tips in this resource that would be hard to find out about otherwise!” 


“I had this crazy idea that I could do a side gig, something I’m truly passionate about and make it highly profitable over time. And be independent and be my own boss.

Fast forward to buying the resource list of Telemed platforms that allow work from abroad, communicating with Ashwini who was a wonderful motivator and now I’m on a telemedicine platform. I just started.. and it’s slow, but I’m happy. Start with a plan, use this resource list. It gave me a good starting point! It’s a really great list! Do it, it’s worth it. Invest in your future. “



It’s a great compendium of resources and advice when trying to figure out where to start and what all the steps are.




Is this resource right for me?

If you’re looking to:


Start your search for opportunities abroad


Focus your outreach on opportunities that allow you to work while abroad


Supplement your income from your private practice, local job, or while applying for a medical license abroad

Then Telemedicine & Beyond is right for you!

This resource is for physicians who are persistent, open to new possibilities, and use it as a launching point to create their dream life abroad. 

How much does it cost?

Invest In Your Dream! 🌏


Sign up below for a 1-year paid subscription to this living resource. Annual subscription is billed at $147 per year (just $12.25 per month).

Refund Policy
Once you’ve seen the goods, you can’t unsee them. For this reason, we don’t offer refunds on this subscription, and all purchases are final.

Got questions?

We get it; it’s an investment. Here are the A’s to your Q’s.

How often do you update the list?

This is a living and evolving resource. We typically update the list once a month or as soon as we get a verified lead. We always welcome our subscribers’ crowd-sourced input to keep this list up-to-date! We keep it up-to-date to the best of our knowledge. 

Can the listed companies change their policies about working while abroad?

Each listed company has its policy regarding whether they allow physicians to work while abroad, and yes, the guidelines can change.

If you come across any company that has updated its policy, please contact us and forward the email containing the details of this change. We appreciate your help in keeping the resource up-to-date.

Do the companies on this list have current active openings?

This resource is a compilation of all the organizations and companies we’ve heard of that allow physicians to work from abroad, whether through remote clinical care, remote non-clinical care, or unique in-person opportunities. 

A company listed in this resource may or may not have an active opening within your specialty. We hope you’ll use this resource as a launching point to start your search. If you’re looking for current active openings, you can check out our job board

Are there opportunities on this list for my specialty?

There are a few companies we’ve classified as “Multispecialty” who offer more specialties than we could put in the resource – and they *may* be able to work with you.

That said, If you’re a subspecialist like a Hematologist or Cardiologist and are open to working within your primary specialization such as Internal Medicine, then you may be interested in the primary care and urgent care opportunities.

What's your refund policy?

In this private space, we share resources and opportunities we don’t share anywhere else. Once you’ve seen the resource, you can’t unsee them. For this reason, we don’t offer refunds on your Telemedicine & Beyond subscription, and all purchases are final.

We welcome members who are 100% excited to have access to this resource and see this as a no-brainer investment in themselves and the life they want to live, abroad. If that’s you, sign up here. 

I'm not planning on moving abroad but I'm looking for telemedicine opportunities. Would this resource still be helpful for me?

Yes! You can still use this resource as an effective directory of telemedicine companies to consider applying to. Forget the endless Google search rabbit hole – use this list and turn those aspirations into applications! 

You may find that you have more opportunities than you thought 😊. 

Are there opportunities for non-board certified physicians or for board-eligible physicians?

Each company sets its policy regarding which types of physicians they’re looking for. Some may require physicians to be board-certified in their field; others may not require board certification. You’ll have to take a look at the company’s website or reach out and ask them directly. 

I'm a physician licensed outside the US. Will Telemedicine & Beyond still be helpful for me?

Telemed & Beyond is the go-to resource for US-trained and licensed physicians seeking opportunities in clinical and non-clinical care that they can do from outside the US. These opportunities are tailored to US-trained physicians, so they may not be as helpful to non-US physicians. 

Are the companies in this resource legit? I just want to know for my peace of mind.

It’s important to work for a company that has sound clinical practices and does not coerce the physician with prescribing targets or other dubious policies.  To the best of our knowledge, the companies on the list have not been involved in questionable prescribing practices, and we often hear about new additions from physicians working with them. 

We have not vetted these companies, so we always recommend that you interview with the companies that interest you to see if they’d be a good fit for you. The nice thing is that there are quite a few options, and the hope is you’ll find an opportunity with a company you like working with. 

Could this resource also be used by advanced practice providers like NPs or PAs?

This resource is focused on physician opportunities. That said, it’s possible that some companies listed may also offer opportunities for NPs/PAs that could be done from abroad.

Let’s do this!

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Refund Policy
Once you’ve seen the goods, you can’t unsee them. For this reason, we don’t offer refunds on this subscription, and all purchases are final.

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