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Stanford Medical Student-Run Initiative to Unite Healers Against War, Powered by Physicians Across the World

We welcome physicians of all specialties and language proficiencies. Mental health providers are of especially great need. All physicians will be asked verify their medical license before joining the initiative.

We have been officially endorsed by the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco and are in close contact with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health as well as a network of physicians and hospitals throughout Ukraine.

We are currently looking for more specialists in rheumatology, endocrinology, nephrology, oncology and psychiatry. We would benefit greatly from your advice and guidance, irrespective of medical specialty, on many general medical questions that our patients may have. Our workflow integrates interpreters, thus even clinicians that do not speak the local languages are welcome. We are also launching a physician-to-physician consult network where physicians will be able to ask Ukrainian physicians questions pertaining to local practice habits and brand names of medications while Ukrainian physicians might reach out for consults

Summary of Legal Considerations
Terms of Use: Before they are granted access to any tele-consultation service, patients are requested to acknowledge several points including understanding the limitations of tele-consultation services and releasing the provider and the platform from liability for the outcomes of their care.

Licensure: The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has officially sanctioned all foreign volunteer initiatives to provide medical care to the citizens of Ukraine through remote communication.

Liability: We have confirmed with our legal counsel, the tele-consult services provided through TeleHelp Ukraine will involve minimal legal risks for the providers and may, in practical terms and under ordinary circumstances, not lead to claims raised from either side.


Apply via this link!

Maximum file size: 256 MB.

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