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Improving CNMI health and wellbeing

This is a unique opportunity to live and work in one of the most amazing places in the world, no exaggeration! You’d join 45,000 wonderful people living on 3 islands in the Northern Marianas — Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. This is still the United States!  We’re a tropical island paradise, 6000 miles west of California, way out in the Pacific Ocean, much closer to Japan than to Hawaii, and close enough to the equator so that it’s 78-92 degrees year-round.

It’s mostly jungle and beaches along pristine turquoise water. You can hike, bike, snorkel, and dive. Lots of good restaurants, unusual food, fruit, and vegetables. Things seem somewhat familiar (and everybody speaks English), but there are interesting cultural differences, too. And it’s refreshing to live far from mainland noise, traffic, pollution, politics, crime, and stress.  Here it’s safe, relaxing, and peaceful.

About half the people are Asian, and a third are Pacific Islanders. Many are poor, vulnerable, and certainly underserved. Nearly all are friendly and welcoming, uncomplaining, and very grateful for care that you provide.

About 5 years ago, we developed the first and only Oncology Program in the Northern Mariana Islands. We now have a dedicated team (with high morale) with one medical oncologist, 1 NP, several PAs, 1 internist, and oncology nurses, CNA’s, a financial counselor, pharmacists, and a receptionist. Our team is multi-cultural. The medical oncology treatment is as good as you’ll find anywhere in the mainland — we have access to all cancer pharmaceuticals, such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. We have a Palliative Care program, and we’ve recently started an island-wide Cancer Screening and Prevention Program.

We work in an Oncology Center at Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC), a public hospital that’s the only hospital. We have a hospitalist team, general surgeons, a radiologist (with CT scanners, DXA, mammogram, ultrasound, interventional), ob-gyn, ENT, nephrology, pediatrics, outpatient internal medicine, emergency room, and public health. We do refer off-island if a patient needs radiation treatment or complex cancer surgery. Administration here is patient-oriented and provider-friendly.

If you joined us, you’d be busy but not overworked.  You could work here ¾ time, if you’d prefer an extra day off/week. There’s a lot of cancer here, and much of it is advanced (we’re trying to change this with our Screening and Prevention program). You’d also have a job that you’d consider incredibly fulfilling — helping people who really need your help, grateful people, people who are truly underserved and who deserve good care. Our job is to keep cancer care local as much as possible, so that patients can stay with their family, friends, and support system here. We also try to provide care that’s culturally sensitive.

Pay and benefits may be a little higher in the mainland, but they’re not bad here. The income tax rate is very low, and there are no other taxes, so you get to keep much more of your income than you would in the mainland. Housing is less expensive here than in most places in the mainland.

All providers work together as a team, doing our notes in one provider room, and often discussing cases together (it’s a little noisy). We learn from each other. It’s very rewarding. We all want to stay here long-term.


$321,000 P/A (Equivalent to that of $487,000 salary in SF and NYC)


LOCUM: NO Benefits. Air transportation, Housing, and ground transportation are provided.


$10,000 one-time signing bonus for initial contracts of at least 2 years.
International flight from the point of recruitment for the employee.  Return flight to original embarkation is included and will be arranged upon completion of contract.
Malpractice coverage is provided under the CNMI Government Liability Act (essentially identical to the Federal Tort Claims Act).
Reimbursement of up to $250 for pre-employment health screening costs.
Annual Leave: Accrues at eight (8) hours per pay period (bi-weekly), with a full-time Employment Contract
Sick Leave: Accrues at four (4) hours per pay period (bi-weekly)
Up to 5 days of paid leave for CME.
Health and Life Group Insurance: Cost-sharing per Corporate policies
Health Insurance: AETNA Health Insurance
Life Insurance: Individual Assurance Company Life, Health, & Accident (IAC)
401a Retirement Plan Option: ASC Trust Corporation
National Health Service Corp site. Those eligible can apply for loan repayment.

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