Beyond the white sand: What it’s actually like to Practice Neurology in Guam

A big thank you to Locumstory for sponsoring this chat. is an educational, online resource about all things locum tenens. Their website has tons of information about the ins and outs of how locum tenens works and first-hand perspectives from actual locums physicians to help you determine if locum tenens is right for you. 

Do you ever feel like

  • You’ve been telling patients the same spiel, the same way for the past decade
  • You’ve learned what you needed to learn as a clinician
  • There’s got to be something more? 


Then you’ll want to watch our latest vlog!

After 26 years of clinical practice as a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Sue Ming retired from her faculty job and became a “free bird”. 

She started with a stint in Alaska, working with the local indigenous population. Then an opportunity in Guam popped up and she was off to this island in the sun 🌴!

Watch our latest vlog and learn what it’s like to practice neurology in Guam when you’ve already got a ton of clinical experience. 

Watch the vlog below!

You’ll learn about: 

  • the differences in the clinical practice of neurology in Guam vs the US
  • the challenges she faced in Guam
  • the new hobby she picked up
  • what you should do before trying out an experience abroad

My biggest takeaway was that even after 26 years of clinical practice she still wanted to learn more!  

Now I’d love to hear from you!

  1. What cultural or clinical differences have you adapted to when practicing medicine in a different location than what you’re used to?
  2. Have you ever cared for patients during a natural disaster or crisis – and what was your experience like?

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Always rooting for you, 



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