An American Doctor Moves to Cyprus

“We didn’t really know much about Cyprus, but it sounded interesting and exciting…we decided to do it for the adventure of it,” Dr. Maria Cecilia Mosquera beams.

After working long hours in the midst of a measles epidemic, Dr. Maria Cecilia Mosquera was ready for a break and was in search of an adventure. She and her family started looking at the different possibilities around the world, and they found an opportunity in Cyprus.

Dr. Maria Cecilia Mosquera is an American Board-Certified Pediatrician and Public Health/Preventive Medicine Physician who is also certified in Obesity Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. Although she originally intended to take a break for a little bit, while browsing on LInkedIn she found an opportunity at the University of Nicosia Medical School, an English-speaking medical school in Cyprus. She points out that the job description was more clinical than she would like, but she applied anyways, and asked that her role align more with her research interests. She is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Primary Care and Population Health.

Want to Move to Cyprus?

The University of Nicosia Medical school currently has several job opportunities including one in Family Medicine. You can also explore Academic opportunities at the University fo Nicosia Medical Centre, European University (English-speaking school), the University of Cyprus (Greek speaking), Cyprus University of Technology, American Medical Center, and Aretaieio Hospital.

For those interested in non-academic positions visit the Cyprus Medical Council on the process of medical licensure and registration.

Dr. Ashwini Bapat is a palliative care physician, Founder and CEO of EpioneMD, which provides virtual advanced care planning and serious illness coaching to individuals and telepalliative care consultation to healthcare organizations. She resides in Portugal.



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