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We’re a community of American-trained physicians across all specialties who are practicing and who dream of practicing medicine all over the world.

Our community develops and shares resources to help transition from a US-based medical practice to locations worldwide. We collaborate with local and global organizations to connect our community with job and humanitarian opportunities.

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Our Story

It started as just a dream, a desire for change, a longing for adventure. It has become much more.

We had finished training, landed jobs in academic medicine, and were in the midst of finding a house in the suburbs of Boston. After finding the “perfect” house several times over, we wondered why we never felt inspired to put in an offer. We soon realized that we were on a conveyor belt heading towards a life we thought we should have, rather than the life we wanted.

We started to dream. We ditched the house search and started to learn about how American-trained doctors can practice medicine and live abroad.

Our initial searches didn’t give us clear answers; we had to figure it out ourselves. As we shared our plans of moving to Portugal, a community of like-minded physicians burgeoned. We created the Hippocratic Adventures Facebook Group in May 2020 and launched the Hippocratic Adventures website in September 2020, the resource we wish we had had when we started our adventure.

Hippocratic Adventures empowers physicians with the knowledge, job opportunities, and support they need to successfully transition to practicing medicine abroad. We inspire our physicians to dream.

Ashwini has since launched EpioneMD, an Aging & Illness coaching service rooted in palliative care, while Emeric founded Equilibrium Behavioral Health, a telepsychiatry private practice. We are now living our Hippocratic Adventure in Portugal.

Join our facebook group and start planning your Hippocratic Adventure!

– Drs. Ashwini Bapat & Emeric Bojarski

start your hippocratic adventure

Start Your Adventure!

Grab your FREE e-book and crush the 3 steps to kick-start your adventure!

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