10 Most Popular Posts of 2023

This year we’re proud to have highlighted the stories of physicians who dared to redefine what a career in medicine looks like.

As we wrap up 2023, we look back at the 10 most popular blogs published this year.

So grab a candy cane hot chocolate ☕, sink into a comfy chair, and discover where your white coat can take you!

#1 How to Practice Medicine in Ontario, Canada

Dr. Kayla Wolofsky

Ontario, Canada, is one of the most popular destinations for US-trained physicians. In this blog post, Dr. Wolofsky provided an updated look at getting licensed and working in Ontario, Canada.

#2 This Anesthesiologist Took A Sabbatical Abroad. Here’s What Actually Happened.

Dr. Sarah Gebauer

In July 2022, Dr. Sarah Gebauer, an anesthesiologist, shared her story of transforming her dream of a sabbatical abroad into a reality. She took off in August 2022, with plans for a 5-month sabbatical. Now she shares what actually happened.

practicing telemedicine from abroad

#3 Six Things You Should Know About Practicing Telemedicine While Abroad

Hippocratic Adventures

Want to admire Roman aqueducts on your morning run, pluck pomegranates from your backyard, and see patients in the US – all on the same day? Telemedicine can help you do just that!

Here are six things to know about practicing telemedicine while abroad.

#4 Practicing Telemedicine From Abroad? Here’s what it means for your US taxes

Vincenzo Villamena CPA

Whether you created your own telemedicine private practice or are a contractor for other telemedicine companies, here’s what practicing telemedicine from another country means for your US taxes.

#5 Here’s what happened when I moved to Sweden

Dr. Bryan McColgan

Dr. Brian McColgan had spent almost a decade becoming a doctor. After wrapping up his training, he was mentally and emotionally drained, and was tired of working in the US healthcare system; so he chose to pursue a non-clinical career. 

But when his partner had an opportunity to work in Sweden, they packed their bags, and their Corgi, and embraced this adventure. Now almost three years later, he shared his story

#6 Twenty Nine Years After Immigrating to the US, I Left.

Dr. Dionne Mills-Sillik

“Immigration is not just about what you’re leaving, it’s about what you’re moving toward. It’s not just about “anywhere but here”. At least it shouldn’t be. ” Dr. Dionne Mills-Sillik shares what life has been like after moving abroad!

being a black doctor in australia

#7 What it’s Like to be a Black Doctor in Australia

Dr. Carmen Brown

Have you ever wondered what being a Black Physician abroad is like? Are race relations any different outside the US? Dr. Carmen Brown shares her experience as a Black doctor in the US, NZ, and Australia.

immigrating to new zealand

#8 What You Need to Know About Immigrating to New Zealand

Martin King & Kate McKendry

Lured by the Southern Alps, world-class tramping, and a focus on work-life balance, New Zealand remains one of the most popular destinations amongst US-trained physicians looking to move abroad. For many physicians, a 1-year stint turns into a more permanent move. Curious about what it takes to immigrate to New Zealand? An Immigration specialist and recruitment specialist answer your questions!

#9 We Moved to Portugal 3 Years Ago. Here’s An Update.

Dr. Ashwini Bapat

I had fantasized for years about what it would be like to live in Europe, to walk past Roman aqueducts, to kayak down a river dotted by medieval castles, and to enjoy another language and culture.

In August 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, my family and I sold everything we owned, boarded a one-way flight to Portugal, and took our great leap into the unknown. Here’s an update on what’s happened over the last 3 years

new zealand

#10 How a calculated risk changed this doctor’s life

Dr. Delilah Restrepo

Back in 2018, Dr. Restrepo was in an understaffed position and ended up burning herself out. She was looking for a professional challenge, she wanted to find that spark again. In moving to New Zealand, even though the change seemed risky, or courageous, it was a very calculated risk.

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