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My family just returned from Spain and we’re looking to relocate there in the not-too-distant future… It’s so nice having a virtual community to turn to for information and reassurance that our desire for a healthier, more family-centered, globally-minded life for ourselves and our young son isn’t as crazy as the nonplussed responses from my colleagues would suggest.” 


“I’m so appreciative of Hippocratic Adventures – I’m about to start my final year of internal medicine residency and I’ve struggled with the feeling of being “shackled down” to the “normal” medicine track in the US. I’m now looking to live and work in the UK. Your blog really helps, especially with feeling like I’m not alone and that it’s possible!”



“Hippocratic Adventures has given me a lot of hope and has pushed me to pursue the same dream of living abroad. It doesn’t seem like a scary step anymore…Listening to so many US doctors’ stories on how they decided to move to other countries, and how everything has turned out well for them gives me the courage to try to do it as well, so thank you!



“Thank you for sending your process, and inspiration out to the world. I really appreciate the site and your job board.




“Love your website and resources. Thanks for the helpful advice! ” 





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How To Take a Physician Sabbatical Abroad

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This EM Doctor Couldn’t Move to Saipan Soon Enough

This EM Doctor Couldn’t Move to Saipan Soon Enough

Ever feel like the demands of metrics, the threat of malpractice, and the move toward corporate medicine are pulling you down? Afraid you might not love medicine the way you used to?  You’re not alone.  Dr. Elizabeth Culp, an EM doctor from Makon, Georgia...

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Hey! We’re Drs.

Ashwini & Emeric

We’re thrilled you’re here! As physicians, we were groomed to follow a traditional career path without much room for exploration.

When we realized we wanted to move abroad, we asked our colleagues, mentors, and friends if they knew anyone who had done it.

We got blank stares. A year later, in the middle of the pandemic, we moved to Portugal, where we now live. 

Hippocratic Adventures is the one-stop shop for everything physicians need to live their dream life abroad.

We’re an 8600+ community of US-trained physicians, and we’re here to tell you – yes, you can do it

Join us, and we’ll help you start your own Hippocratic Adventure!

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